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Production unitary enterprise "BelStekloProm"

The production unitary enterprise "BelStekloProm" started its activity on January 1, 2009.


The main products manufactured by the company are glass bottles of various shapes and capacities. Only high-quality raw materials and modern technologies are used inproduction of containers.

At present, the Production Unitary Enterprise "BelStekloProm" has a significant production potential. The technological process is carried out with the use of equipment from Germany, Italy, the USA:

  • Glassmaking furnace HORN (Germany) with the capacity of 260 tons of glass fiber per day;
  • The production of bottles is carried out on glass-forming machines: IS-10 - 2 pcs. (ten sections, double-drop) and IS-8 - 1 pc. (eight sections,double-drop) of HeyeInternational company(Germany), with the capacity of 180 bottles per minute;
  • Quality control of products - EMHART control machines (USA);
  • Conveyor equipment by ALL GLASS (Italy);
  • Annealing furnace by Pennekamp (Germany);
  • Furnace for moulds heating byVidromecanica;
  • Product packaging: Thermoshrinkable machines by MSK (Germany), palletizers by ALL GLASS (Italy).

The Production unitary enterprise "BelStekloProm" carries out constant control over the compliance of raw materials with all requirements and standards.

The total capacity of the plant is about 220 million bottles a year.


100% automated quality control of products is carried out by iB, iS, iM Veritas control machines of the "Emhart" company (USA).

The production and storage facilities of the company meet sanitary, hygienic and technical requirements for the production and storage of glass.


The glass packaging continues to maintain its leading position in the main segments of the packaging market. Glass by its technological parameters can serve almost forever in the absence of any external mechanical force. It is resistant to the effects of various environments; it does not lose its transparency over time. The main advantages of glass containers are: ecological safety, tightness, lightness and relative cheapness.


Today the activity of the plant "BelStekloProm" is mainly focused on beer producers both inside the Republic of Belarus and abroad.

The brewing companies of the republic appreciated the advantages of the work of the Production Unitary Enterprise "BelStekloProm", concluding long-term contracts for glass containers supply. OJSC “Olivaria Brewery” and“Lida Beer” OJSC are among constant partners of the enterprise.

One of the main tasks of the company is to satisfy the market demand in bottles as well as to keep to high quality figures. In general, the Production Unitary Enterprise "BelStekloProm" is focused on the production of European quality glass containers meeting all international standards and requirements.